Refer A Friend to a Dentist at Annandale Smiles in Annandale, VA and Receive a $10 Certificate

We know that one of the main ways people hear about us is through word of mouth. Think about it for a minute, if you had to change dentists for some reason, how would you start looking for a new dentist? Chances are good that you would ask around between the people you know and trust, and simply decide to go to one of the dentists that they suggest. So if you happen to know anybody that is looking for a good dentist in Annandale, VA you may as well benefit from our refer-a-friend program.

The idea is that instead of just telling them about our office, you go one step further, visit our refer-a-friend page and enter their name and contact information. Then we can contact them and set up an appointment. The best part is, since we know that you were the one who referred them, we’ll send you a 10 dollar gift certificate after their first appointment as a personal thank you. We know that your friends are already asking you which dentist you use. So by using our refer-a-friend program, it becomes a win-win-win situation (you get a gift certificate with no additional work, your friend finds a good dentist to visit, and we get to see their soon-to-be smiling face in our Annandale, VA office).

The gift certificate that we give is a 10 dollar certificate to, a great site where you can get certificates to all of your favorite places. This means that you can use the 10 dollar certificate for virtually anything you like, no matter what your tastes or preferences might be. If you have any more questions about our refer-a-friend program, just give us a call. Our dentist office in Annandale, VA is always ready to take your call and we love getting the chance to talk with our customers more. We look forward to working with you, and we’re thankful that you’ve chosen to help refer our dentist office so that we can help even more people.