Be Happy with Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry near Arlington, VA

Let’s talk about cosmetic dentistry near Arlington, VA. While all dentist’s offices provide a basic set of general dentistry services, the cosmetic side of the equation matters too. After all, while it’s important to see to the overall health of your teeth, let’s face it, most people want more than just healthy teeth. They want a beautiful, brilliant smile too. Unless your dentist of choice offers the cosmetic services you’re looking for, you’re not going to be as happy as you could be with your smile.

While some of the services we’ll describe below are part of our suite of general dentistry services, everything you read here has an important element of the cosmetic woven into its fabric. We want to make sure you understand that we’re absolutely committed to giving you the best, and most beautiful smile we can. Below, we’ll cover the various ways we can get you there:

Tooth Colored Fillings

This is one of the most basic cosmetic dentistry services offered near Arlington, VA, this one shouldn’t be overlooked. Just about everyone has to have a filling at one point or another, but old school fillings tend to stick out like sore thumbs, which makes people self-conscious when they smile.

Tooth-colored fillings are an easy way to improve the quality of your smile without requiring you to do anything you wouldn’t already be doing anyway. Why settle for a “regular” filling when you can get one that blends seamlessly with your smile?

Teeth Whitening Treatments

This is another fundamental cosmetic dentistry service near Arlington, VA. A great smile starts with a whiter smile. True, that’s just the beginning of the story, rather than the end, but it matters. Because it matters, we offer not one, but three different teeth whitening treatment options to all our patients. We’ll describe each of the below:

  • In Office Whitening – This is the one most people are familiar with. We do it as part of your regular visit and can customize the treatment to account for your level of sensitivity. When we’re done, your teeth will be up to eight shades whiter, which means that our in-office treatment is about the same as a full month of over the counter treatments at home. That’s not bad for a single visit!
  • Whitening For Life – This is a great program that can do wonders for your smile. It starts with an in-office visit, during which we’ll make an impression of your teeth. It’ll take us about a week to work our magic, once we have the impression, but when we’re done, we’ll ask you to come back in to see us.

    When you do, we’ll give you a set of custom-made bleaching trays, some bleaching gel, and an instruction guide which explains how to use both. You’ll be doing these treatments at home, which is convenient because there’s nothing to schedule and no appointments to keep. It works a lot like the over the counter treatments you can buy, but our bleaching gel is much more powerful than anything you can get over the counter.

    Even better, every time you come in for your six-month preventive care visit, we’ll give you another tube of the gel for free, for life! All you have to do is stay current with your preventive care visit, and you’ll be well on your way to a brighter smile.

  • Kor Whitening – Our most powerful teeth whitening option. Unlike the others we’ve talked about, this one is permanent and works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. It’s ideal for people who have dark stains on their teeth that aren’t responsive to other, more conventional treatments.


In some cases, porcelain veneers are a good option, and a quick, easy way to improve your smile. The process of installing your veneers is fast, easy, and pain-free, and when we’re done, you’ll be well on your way to an award-winning smile.

Braces Treatments

Braces are an important element of cosmetic dentistry near Arlington, VA, and our office has three different options on offer.

Of course, we offer conventional braces, but most people aren’t fond of the idea of walking around with a “metal mouth” for up to two years to get the smile they want. We understand that, which is why we’re so excited about the other two options we offer. They are:

  • The Six-Month Smiles Program – Where conventional braces can take up to two years to do their work, the braces we use in this program get the job done in as little as six months. The reason this process shaves so much time off is that we only focus on your front-facing teeth. The ones that are visible when you smile.

    That matters because your back teeth tend to move more slowly, which is why conventional braces take so long. It gets better though, because the braces we use here are clear, and while they’re not completely invisible, they are much less noticeable, which means you’ll be much less self-conscious while you’re wearing them.

  • The Invisalign Program – This represents the bleeding edge of cosmetic dentistry services near Arlington, VA. They work like braces, but aren’t. They’re caps that are custom fitted to your teeth.

    The process starts when we take a detailed 3d image of your teeth. This image is used to create a whole series of caps for you. Unlike braces, you can take these out and put them back in yourself, so if you have an important dinner or other function to attend, it’s a simple matter of popping them out and then putting them back in later that evening. They’re clear, unobtrusive, and virtually invisible.

    Every couple of weeks, you’ll come back into our office so we can check your progress and give you the next set of caps, which accelerates the movement of your teeth. Before you know it, you’ll have beautifully straight teeth and a winning smile.

Dentures, Partials, and Implants

While it’s true that many of the people who get dentures are older, they’re certainly not the only ones. Dentures and partials are a relatively low-cost cosmetic dentistry service near Arlington, VA that most insurance plans cover. Unfortunately, they have their share of drawbacks.

They’re a good temporary solution, but they don’t look natural, and if you’re trying to maximize the aesthetic of your smile, then both of these options will leave you wanting.

That’s where implants come in. It’s true that they’re more expensive, and depending on what kind of insurance you have, your plan may not cover them, so you’ll be paying a hefty percentage of the cost of the procedure out of pocket.

On the other hand though, you can’t put a price tag on a quality smile, and if you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting and natural-looking alternative to dentures, then look no further than implants.

This is an invasive surgical procedure, and is a big step. Before you make a final decision here, we urge you to stop by our office and talk with one of your dentists so we can go over everything with you. We want you to be comfortable with anything we do before we start improving your smile!

Cosmetic dentistry near Arlington, VA is important. A great smile can do wonders for your ego, self-esteem, and self-confidence, but of course, that’s only part of the story. If you don’t have good overall dental health, then there’s limited value in spending a lot of money improving the look of your smile. Good basic dental health has to come first. That’s why, in addition to offering a full range of cosmetic services, we offer an equally robust suite of general dentistry services.

One of the key pieces to good overall dental health that gets too often overlooked is gum care. If your gums aren’t healthy, then simply put, it’s going to be hard to keep those beautiful teeth in your head! Gum care and infection control are therefore key elements, and why we spend a lot of time focusing on those two things.

The ideal situation would be this if you’re looking to build an award-winning smile: Let’s start with the basics. Let’s get you in for a checkup and a cleaning, and make a list of the general dentistry work that needs to be done.

Once we’ve got the basics attended to, and have your mouth in good health, then we can sit down with you to discuss the vision you have for your smile. Working with you in that way, we can map out a strategy of which elements of cosmetic care make the most sense, and what order they should be done in to maximize their impact. Armed with that information and a healthy set of teeth and gums, we can put you on the path toward an unforgettable smile!