Why Get a Regular Dental Cleaning in Merrifield, VA?

Many people simply do not realize how important dental cleaning is but in Merrifield, VA this is changing. Thanks to the professionals at Annandale Smiles residents are starting to realize how important regular dental visits are for continued good oral health. The American Dental Association recommends two dental checkups a year, and Annandale Smiles is ready to meet all of their patients oral health needs.

Since Annandale Smiles first began accepting patients in 1988, they have been dedicated to providing the best dental care. This includes regular dental cleanings for all Merrifield, VA patients. There are several reasons why these visits to the dentist are so important, and Annandale Smiles wants to make sure that everyone knows what they are. Some of the reasons why a dental cleaning is important for Merrifield, VA patients include,

  • It helps prevent cavities
  • Prevents tooth loss
  • Brighter and whiter smile
  • Prevents halitosis (bad breath)
  • Improve overall health
  • Can save patients money
  • Prevent gum disease

It’s hard to believe that a simple dental cleaning at a Merrifield, VA dentist office can prevent all of these problems will also improving overall health.

While brushing and flossing at home will remove some plaque and tartar, teeth still need to be professionally cleaned. During a dental cleaning Merrifield, VA patients can expect a scaler to be used on their teeth, along with a thorough brushing and flossing. The scaler will scrape away stubborn plaque and tartar deposits, while the electric toothbrush polishes teeth and removes stains. Not only does this help to prevent cavities, it also leaves patients with a whiter and brighter smile. Some patients at Annandale Smiles have even remarked that they look younger with the stains removed from their teeth.

Gingivitis or gum disease is a common problem, it can also be easily prevented with regular visits to the dentist. During the exam one of the highly trained dental hygienists at Annandale Smiles will carefully inspect patients’ teeth and gums to check for any potential problems. During flossing gums will also be carefully watched for any signs of irritation or bleeding. This often indicates that there could be a problem. Keeping gums healthy is important in order to prevent tooth loss, which can occur to anyone at any age if oral care is neglected. A simple visit twice a year to Annandale Smiles can easily prevent tooth loss and other oral health problems.

One of the most embarrassing things is to have bad breath. When regular brushing at home, dietary changes, gargling and chewing mint flavored gum isn’t working, the bad breath might be a result of plaque and tartar buildup. Over time bacteria can grow, and this is often the cause for a person’s embarrassing breath. With twice annual dental cleanings Merrifield, VA residents won’t have this problem. To make it easy for residents to keep their dental appointments, Annandale Smiles has office hours designed to fit their patients’ busy lives. It is this commitment to their clients’ oral health that has made Annandale Smiles one of the premier dentistry offices in Northern Virginia.

Dr. Steven Johnson and the rest of his team at Annandale Smiles want everyone to know how important good dental care is for their overall health. Studies have linked oral and physical health together, and when one is lacking the other often suffers. Simply having teeth professionally cleaned twice a year can significantly lower a person’s risk for a stroke or to develop heart disease. This alone should convince everyone of the importance of regular dental checkups.

Many people avoid dental cleanings in Merrifield, VA in an effort to save money, unfortunately this usually has the opposite result. Annandale Smiles firmly believes that everyone should have access to high quality, affordable dental care, and this includes regular checkups. The simple twice yearly procedure is designed to catch potential issues before they become expensive and painful problems. Even having a cavity filled is noticeably more costly than a simple cleaning, and it might have been prevented with regular visits to the dentist. To prevent this from happening to their patients and to ensure that everyone can afford dental care, Annandale Smiles accepts most dental insurance carriers and financing plans. For their patients that aren’t fortunate enough to carry private or company insurance, Annandale Smiles offers in-house plans. Find insurance plans geared for singles, couples and families, all at a price that anyone can afford.

Annandale Smiles understands that one of the main reasons people often avoid the dentist is out of fear. The poking and prodding, combined with the weird noises can easily set anyone’s teeth on edge. When patients walk into Annandale Smiles they are instantly welcomed like family. The staff will take the time to help anxious patients settle in, and the exam rooms are designed with comfort in mind. The chairs are padded so patients can relax, and each room comes with a personal TV, headphones and a blanket. At Annandale Smiles patients can relax in a state of the art environment, and some even forget that they are at the dentist. For patients that are a little more fearful free nitrous oxide is also available.

Good oral health is essential, and it starts with regular visits to the dentist. At Annandale Smiles patients have access to the best dental care in an environment that can make them feel right at home. Dr. Johnson and his staff are committed to stay current with the latest technology and dental procedures so they can continue to provide their patients with exceptional care. Whether it is a routine exam and cleaning or another procedure, the licensed professionals at Annandale Smiles are more than qualified to meet all of their patients’ dental needs.