If you just lost a tooth, it is recommended to have it replaced within the next year. Over time your bone will lose density in spaces with missing teeth. In the first year you will lose about 25% bone density and after that you will have a steady slow decrease in height of the jawbone in that area. Also, the more time that goes by the more expensive your procedure will become. This is because if you wait too long, you might find that you now need bone grafts, or perhaps have other teeth that have pushed into the gap. Our Springfield, VA location is able to help you out, and having the dental implant put in place earlier will stop any of these issues from happening.

Many people in Springfield, VA lose teeth; it’s very difficult to go an entire lifetime without losing any teeth. A normal human has 32 teeth, 4 of the teeth are your wisdom teeth, and are usually extracted because there is not enough space in your mouth for them to grow correctly. The other 28 teeth are all used to be able to chew your food with ease. Every tooth that you lose reduces chewing ability by about 10%. This means that if you lose a tooth or two, chewing food can become quite difficult. Getting that dental implant put in soon will really help to take care of the issue.

If you have had a missing tooth for many years, it is still not too late to get a dental implant put in. Our Springfield, VA office has done many different dental implants over the years, and in the case of replacing missing teeth, the old saying “better than never” holds true. There are many options available for financing for people that don’t have enough money to cover the procedure, so you should never wait longer than necessary before getting your new dental implant.