Dental Services Available to Keep you Smiling near Centreville, VA

Patients require a range of dental services near Centreville, VA, depending on their age, medical history, and their oral hygiene practices. That’s why Annandale Smiles offers so many treatment options for every member of the family, whatever their age.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the most essential of all dental services near Centreville, VA. By avoiding the problems that lead to cavities and gum disease, a patient reduces the chance of losing teeth, experiencing pain or enduring long treatments.

Regular checkups are the heart of preventive dentistry. This involves a physical exam by the dentist and a cleaning by the dental hygienist. This lets the professionals spot early signs of problems, before they are difficult and costly to fix.

Preventive dentistry is the best way to keep teeth in good condition for a lifetime. It also keeps smiles attractive.

General Dentistry

General dentistry refers to filling cavities, dealing with root canals and handling cracked or missing teeth. Almost everyone experiences a cavity over the years. By getting problems like these taken care of quickly, the patient is making life easier for himself.

He doesn’t have to worry about problems chewing, pain because of an inflamed tooth or gums, or extensive dental work. The important thing is to get dental difficulties handled quickly and thoroughly.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is how one of the most in-demand area of dental services near Centreville, VA. With modern technology, a dentist can whiten teeth, replace missing teeth, and cover up or fix misaligned, cracked and stained teeth.

For missing teeth, dentists now use dental implants, which look and feel just like the original tooth. They have many advantages over traditional dentures.

For unattractive teeth, dentists can use porcelain veneers, Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. Signs of cavities disappear with tooth-colored fillings.

Work with People Who Care

Annandale Smiles offers a complete range of services for every member of the family. The dentists, hygienists, assistants and staff take pride in offering the highest level of care possible whatever the age of the patient.

Annandale Smiles has been serving the community for many years. They take pride in getting to know each member of the family over time. They offer quality care that is customized to meet the needs of each patient.

Here is a quick overview of services at Annandale Smiles. Call the dental clinic or look on the website for a more complete listing.

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental implants
  • Root canals
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Preventive dentistry
  • Dentures and partials
  • TMJ care
  • Infection control
  • Gum care
  • Fountain of Youth dentures
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dentures and partials
  • Dental implants

For the widest range of dental services available near Centreville, VA, call the experts at Annandale Smiles today.