Annandale Smiles, a General Dentist of Choice near Alexandria, VA

Dental health is a basic need of every community, and an excellent general dentist can take care of you and your family for decades. A trusted and reliable general dentist near Alexandria, VA, like Annandale Smiles, has been serving the community for a long time. It is said that “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond,” and this is what guides our dental practice at Annandale Smiles.

An ideal dental practice should be able to cater to all age groups starting from the pediatric patients with their precious milk teeth to teenagers and adults, while a special consideration also needs to be given to the geriatric (the older age group) patients. A general dentist near Alexandria, VA needs to keep this in mind. This is the reason Annandale Smiles has fashioned its dental practice to be all-inclusive. Your whole family, from your 7-year-old child to your parents and grandparents, as well as you, can all benefit from the same dental practice over a single visit.

The reason for being the general dentist of choice near Alexandria, VA for many people is that Annandale Smiles can provide you and your entire family a relaxed and positive dental experience in a friendly environment overall. Equipped with the most up-to-date technology, our dentists and auxiliaries know the importance of taking good care of your teeth and know how to motivate you to do the same.

Being a family dental practice, we provide your entire family the dental solutions that they need. Our experienced and specialized dentists provide numerous treatment options, some of which are going to be mentioned here for your understanding;

Cleaning and Routine Check-Up

The importance of preventive dental visits can never be overstated. We encourage our patients to visit us every six months for their routine dental checkups. The routine examination includes a detailed evaluation of your dental health, your gums, and also any need for scaling and polishing is considered. Our dental hygienists provide a thorough cleaning of your teeth, which helps avoid stagnation of any harmful particles that might damage your gums and bone.

Tooth Fillings

We provide modern tooth-colored fillings for any decayed or carious teeth. These fillings look just like your natural teeth, which makes them esthetically acceptable. Another advantage is that these fillings require very little cutting of the tooth surface, which has the benefit of conserving as much natural tooth structure as possible.

Root Canal (Endodontics)

A preventive visit can help your general dentist near Alexandria, VA to detect any growing decay and fill that in time. But if ignored for long, the decay can spread to the heart of your tooth. In such a case, a root canal treatment becomes necessary. Our endodontic procedures are very specific, and our skilled dentists have a high success rate of root canal treatments.

Metal-Free Crowns

A root canal treated tooth usually needs a crown (or cap) to restore its optimal shape and size. This makes the tooth not only safe from heavy bite forces but also makes it functional as it becomes a part of the chewing surfaces. A crown might also be necessary in case of a fractured tooth or when there is a large decay restored by a heavy filling.

Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures

A group of missing teeth in the mouth or all the teeth missing from the mouth gives a very unpleasant look. They also affect your facial structure and may cause wrinkling over your skin. It is important to replace the missing teeth to be able to function properly and look good. With both these objectives in mind, Annandale Smiles provides high quality, complete, and partial denture treatment to our patients.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have become extremely popular with time. The ability to replace any missing tooth with a fixed replacement without taking any help from the adjacent teeth is an attractive option a lot of people look for today. Placing an implant prosthesis requires special skills and training which our specialists at Annandale excel in.

Orthodontic Treatment

Forwardly placed upper front teeth and irregular, crowded teeth are a major esthetic concern. The conventional steel brackets have been replaced by many different options like ceramic brackets, lingual braces, and Invisalign. We at Annandale Smiles provide two well-known treatment alternatives to the conventional braces, which include our Six Month Smiles Program and the Invisalign Program.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and smile makeover are being considered by a large number of the general public. A brighter smile brings a huge change in a person’s overall personality by boosting their self-confidence. Smile makeover with the help of porcelain veneers helps us change the tooth shape and color, thus making them more esthetically pleasing while also affecting their overall facial appearance. Porcelain veneers are also being used as a treatment option for mild orthodontic cases, thus eliminating the need for braces.

Annandale Smiles also provides many other facilities for the community. The strict infection control measures are followed to prevent any cross-infection; special care is given to rule out any TMJ disorders and gum disease in our routine preventive examination. Keeping our patient’s comfort in mind, sedation dentistry is also practiced, especially for the more anxious patients.

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Being the general dentist of choice near Alexandria, VA area, we welcome you to book an appointment with us to get a routine dental checkup done. You can call now or book an appointment online, and our representative will get in touch with you. A family dental practice that caters to the needs of your whole family is a need of modern times, and we understand the importance of your valuable time and finances. The feedback from our patients shows that a preventive dental visit not only helps them avoid any dental emergency, but it also helps them save their time and money in the long run. Visit us today and avail the most up to date dental services at Annandale Smiles.