Invisalign is Helping Centreville Dental Patients Look Better

Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign near Centreville, VA, makes it easier and more comfortable for a patient to have straight teeth. This method of cosmetic dentistry is suitable for adults as well as teens.

Here is a look at 4 ways that Invisalign near Centreville, VA, helps people who want to fix crooked or badly aligned teeth.

#1. Better Look

Wire braces are noticeable as soon as a person smiles. This is especially true of a businessperson who must interact with others all day long. Another problem with wire braces is how easy it is for food to get caught in them.

With Invisalign, the material is clear. People barely notice them. The result is a more natural-looking smile.

#2. Easier to Wear

Wire braces are attached to the teeth for as long as it takes to straighten them. The dentist tightens and adjusts them as needed to move the teeth into better alignment. The patient eats with the braces still on and must brush and floss around them.

The big advantage of Invisalign near Centreville, VA, is that they can be removed for eating and brushing, without causing problems.

#3. Less Chance of Damage

Wire braces can scratch a person’s mouth and bits of metal poking out can actually cause small punctures in the mouth’s interior. They can even lead to demineralization of the teeth.

Invisalign, however, are made with a smooth material that does not cause damage to the mouth, teeth, and gums. There are no sharp edges. Because they can be removed, it is easier to brush and floss, which keeps teeth in better condition.

#4. No Trial and Error

With conventional braces, the dentist can’t tell ahead of time how long it will take to straighten the teeth. He checks the progress of the straightening and adjusts the wires accordingly.

With Invisalign, the entire process is computerized. The dentist and patient know right away how long the entire process will take. The usual period is one to one-and-a-half years.

Trust Experience

The dentists and staff at Annandale Smiles have long experience helping people get great smiles. They use modern dental technology to improve oral health and create a beautiful appearance. One of the methods they recommend is Invisalign, for both teens and adults.

Annandale Smiles is known for the personal care and attention to detail that the dentists and staff offer each patient. They make every dental visit a pleasant experience. They also offer a range of payment plans to help families handle the costs of dental care.

Annandale Smiles offers a full range of dental services, including:

  • Invisalign
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures and partials
  • Fountain of Youth dentures
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Preventive dentistry

For more information about Invisalign near Centreville, VA, make an appointment at Annandale Smiles today.