Zoom Teeth Whitening Is the Treatment of Choice near Falls Church, VA

9 Reasons to Trust Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening System

Near Falls Church, VA, the Zoom teeth whitening system is the dentist’s treatment of choice. Professionals know that it delivers consistent results, removing deep stains and discoloration. It gets teeth uniformly whiter, so you can smile with confidence.

You might have tried do-it-yourself kits. If you follow the directions exactly, they are safe and can get your teeth one or two shades whiter, on a 16-shade scale. But it can take weeks of dedication to get that.

How would you like to get your dingy teeth 8 shades whiter in just an hour? You can, when you go to a dentist near Falls Church, VA, using the Zoom teeth whitening system.

Here is a look at what Zoom is and 9 reasons it is the best choice for effective whitening.

The Zoom System

Zoom teeth whitening near Falls Church, VA, is an in-office procedure using strong ingredients for really deep whitening. It uses a hydrogen peroxide gel—up to 35 percent strong—that is activated by the special Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. This speeds up the bleaching, which is how Zoom got its name.

When the hydrogen peroxide breaks down as it is activated, it lets oxygen get into the dentin and enamel of your teeth. It goes deep to bleach out stains and discoloration. But it doesn’t harm the structure of your tooth.

Before the procedure, the dentist will probably suggest that you have your teeth cleaned by the hygienist. This gets rid of surface debris that can interfere with uniform whitening. It ensures more complete, uniform coverage than you get with a kit.

Before the dentist applies the gel, he will protect your lips and gums. He then applies the gel to each tooth, covering it completely. The special light then activates the compound. This takes about 15 minutes.

This process is repeated a total of 3 times. You just sit in the chair and relax while it happens. When the dentist is finished, he will immediately apply a fluoride paste to your teeth to reduce sensitivity.

9 Reasons to Choose Zoom

Dentists choose the Zoom teeth whitening system near Falls Church, VA, because it produces superior results. Look at how you benefit.

Fast results. The Zoom teeth whitening system works in just about an hour. With kits you need to be consistent with your efforts for weeks. With Zoom, it’s over in just one appointment that lasts about an hour.

Complete coverage. The dentist paints each tooth completely with the hydrogen peroxide gel, so you get thorough, uniform coverage. With kits, it is common to end up with hit-or-miss results.

Long lasting. Your teeth stay white far longer after the Zoom teeth whitening system near Falls Church, VA, compared to a kit. And you get help with maintenance, like a touchup pen and a custom-fitted kit that you can take home.

Strong ingredients. Near Falls Church, VA, the Zoom teeth whitening treatment uses professional strength whitening agents. Kits often have 3 percent peroxide, while Zoom can go up to 35 percent. For real whitening power, you need a professional treatment.

Comfortable. The dentist covers your lips and gums before applying the hydrogen peroxide gel, so you stay pain- and sensitivity-free during the treatment. Immediately afterward, he applies a fluoride paste that reduces sensitivity.

Safe. If you experience any issue during the treatment, the dentist is right there, ready to help. It is comforting to have the added security when you get the work done in a dental office.

Customized. When you use the Zoom teeth whitening system near Falls Church, VA, you get a treatment that is tailored to your teeth and mouth. Kits are one-size-fits-all, but every person’s teeth are different. It stands to reason that you will get the most comprehensive coverage when you use a customized system.

Choice of shading. You can talk to the dentist about how white you want to get your teeth. Zoom is available in several strengths, so you can determine beforehand what shade you want.

Done by an expert. Your dentist is an expert when it comes to your teeth. He understands what causes discoloration and how to get them their whitest. If you have any questions about the process or what is causing the discoloration, you are assured of an educated answer.

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