You might be wondering what the difference is between a general dentist, a pediatric dentist, and a family dentist near Falls Church, VA. Basically, in a nutshell, a family dentist near Falls Church, VA, such as the dental office of Annandale Smiles, treats the entire family, no matter the age. A general dentist sometimes only takes adult patients, and a pediatric dentist will only accept children as patients. So rather than have families near Falls Church run to different dentists for each family member, why not find a family dentist such as Annandale Smiles to treat the whole family?

So precisely what does a family dentist offer his Falls Church, VA patients?

  • Regular Examinations and Cleanings—Every six months, Falls Church, VA dental patients should come in for their checkup and thorough cleanings. This is extremely critical for all patients of any age because it helps catch any oral issues such as tooth decay or gingivitis before it becomes more severe. A thorough cleaning by the dental hygienists who will scrape off any built-up plaque will protect your gums from developing gingivitis.
  • Dental Sealants and Fluoride Treatments—Both fluoride treatments and dental sealants are fantastic ways to prevent tooth decay, particularly common in young children
  • Tooth Fillings—Tooth decay is all too common, yet it is an entirely preventable childhood disease. Your Falls Church, VA family dentists will check for any decay and set up a time to come back in for any dental fillings a family member may require.
  • Orthodontics—Some Falls Church, VA family dentists do not offer in-office orthodontic treatments; but, they provide orthodontic exams and will refer you to an outside orthodontist. However, Annandale Smiles near Falls Church, VA offers all these services under one roof for the entire family.
  • Gum Disease Treatment—Most family dentists offer services such as periodontal maintenance, scaling, and root planning to treat their Falls Church, Va patients who suffer from gum disease.
  • Anesthesia—Family dentists offer sedation dentistry for their Falls Church, VA dental patients, both local anesthesia that numbs the surgical area with Novocaine and either nitrous oxide known as laughing gas to relax you, or oral sedation dentistry; whereas, you a given a pill to take an hour prior to coming in for your dental visit. Remember, with any sedation dentistry, you are required to have someone drive you to and from your dental appointment.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry—Your Falls Church, VA family dentist may offer certain aspects of cosmetic dentistry that improve the appearance of your teeth, gums, and bite, but not necessarily the functionality. Your family dentists will primarily focus on the improvement of dental aesthetics in position, color, shape, and size, alignment, and overall smile appearance.

If you are searching for a family dentist near Falls Church, VA, look no further than Annandale Smiles located in Annandale, VA. If you are tired of going to different dentists for each specialty of dentistry that each family member requires, call the team at Annandale Smiles and set up an appointment for a consultation or better yet, just stop by one day when you are in the neighborhood and check out Annandale Smiles.

We have a fantastic setup. Our examination and treatment rooms all have a personal television and for you to watch and headphones. If you are a little bit chilly or just want to hold on to something, we offer blankets to our dental patients. This soothing atmosphere sometimes helps Falls Church, VA dental patients to relax and feel more comfortable and take their minds off of what the family dentist is doing inside their mouths.

Our waiting room has a Kids Zone along with video games and a separate big screen TV. Our team strives hard to make your visit as comfortable as possible. If there is anything you need while visiting our office, please don’t hesitate to ask. We will try to accommodate you and your family members any way we can.

We accept PPO Insurance plans and can help you apply for Credit Care to help with your dental work costs. We also have our own Platinum Membership Plan that you can check out if you have no other dental insurance. We are always happy to sit down and plan with you and your family any forthcoming dental work that needs to be done and a sure way to meet the costs.